Green Eggs and Ham

16 Sep

I do not like them Sam I Am!  Ok, so I haven’t been feeling too motivated to write this weekend.  I made myself a huge batch of cookies and forgot about BBQ altogether for a few days.  Nobody should ever consume them at the staggering rate that I did though.  I would make competition eaters jealous, which of course resulted in a bit of a tummy ache.

This breakfast is as easy as it looks.  It is eggs, swiss chard, and prosciutto all shoved into a muffin tin and cooked on the grill.  I used hardwood charcoal for smoky flavor and made and spread my coals evenly to make the grill like a little smokey oven.  My inside oven turns smokey sometimes, but then I have to deal with the worlds worst smoke alarm that is hardwired into the house.  Seriously, I can’t even take the battery out…whose idea was that?!

Make your prosciutto cup (speck would work here too), Be sure to press it in there really firmly so it conforms to the sides of the pan.  I used 2 pieces of prosciutto folded in half to make each little meaty muffin cup. Fill with a salt and peppered scrambled egg and chopped chard concoction and place the whole thing on an upside down foil pan.  The secret to really amazing scrambled eggs is curry powder.  I put a heaping 1/2 teaspoon in mine, if you don’t like curry then don’t obviously.

The setup

With grill-baking this is important to keep your pan elevated so things do not get burnt on the bottom.

Cook these b*tches for 20ish minutes or until they are set in the middle.  If you poke them with a fork and there is still liquid in the middle, they aren’t set.

I hit a new PR on my power clean that morning so I also added a chocolate-coffee-banana shake that was mind-blowing.

  • 1.5 cups cold coffee (I keep some in the fridge for these type of drinks)
  • 1 peeled, then frozen banana
  • One serving of chocolate protein

That’s it! Blended all together it was the perfect post-workout addition to my breakfast. Oh shit, someone call the paleo police, I had protein powder!

Ok, there is breakfast.  This post wasn’t funny or entertaining.  I told you I was not feeling inspired!

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