Fajita On A Stick

18 Sep

I am in the middle of a bedroom remodel this week, but I will try to blog as much as I can.  I am turning my ugly mustard yellow bedroom with our old brown blankets from our last house into a wonderful little love nest.  The hubby is out-of-town so this whole thing will be a complete surprise for him, unless of course he somehow procures access to a computer in his travels.  Unlikely that he would use it for anything other than Facebook, and perhaps a dirty movie or two.  He is away from his wife or a few weeks…give the guy a break!

This recipe was a stroke of genius, especially since I was looking for something quick and easy to do at the start of my remodel.


  • One medium-sized london broil steak
  • one pound shrimp
  • 3 bell peppers
  • lettuce leaves
  • an onion
  • cumin
  • garlic powder
  • salt and pepper
  • chili powder

Start by soaking some skewers in some salted water.  If you have reusable metal skewers skip this step (duh!).  I find that the salt penetrates the wood and flavors your meat from the inside.

London Broil tends to be a tougher cut of steak: Something I would not typically eat on its own, but wonderful for fajitas.  I started off by chopping the steak into kebab sized pieces and putting approx 1/4 cup of  oil and cider vinegar with the juice from half a lemon over the top.  This will help to tenderize the tough cut of meat, in fact if you ant a totally kick-ass london broil marinate it for 24 hours.  You can use any acidic marinade you choose, or skip this step and go right on to adding your spices.  After the meat was chopped I lightly sprinkled the meat with all of the seasonings.  I did not measure here, just make sure everything is evenly coated.

It is not too pretty, but it is my wonderful meat prep!  I set the steak aside and stared peeling shrimp.  I peeled and removed the tail from mine, but if you don’t like the people you are cooking for you can just say, “screw it, they can do it themselves.” This will save you quite a bit of trouble.  I then dusted the shrimp with the spices and started the grill before building my skewers.  Full chimney of hardwood, dual zone fire, ect.  Skewering is pretty much a no brainer but there is one little trick…

Not everything cook to perfection at the same time or temp, so to avoid having raw meat, rubbery shrimp and burnt veggies you should keep your skewers all OCD and separate everything mono-food-matically.  Ok, I made that word up, however this is the way to get perfectly done everything.  You can keep the veggies on the cooler side of the grill shrimp on the middle and steak on hot.  I put my steak on the grill first and let that sear on the hot side for a couple of minutes each side.  Once you get really nice grill marks you are done, these wont take long to cook.  I brought them inside and let the meat rest while I added the veggies and shrimp.  Shrimp are done when they are pink and opaque, they can turn black pretty quick so watch them.  Veggies are done well…when they look like it.  Use your best judgement (not the same judgement that got you on that spring break video you know the one I am talking about).

I served mine up “family style” with a bunch of lettuce for fajita-making and some avocado to add in healthy fats.  Like with all things BBQ, it is a great way to serve a lot of people without slaving away over a hot stove all day (or microwave for your special “home-made” appetizers).


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  1. Paleo in a box

    May 28, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Clearly that’s a problem with our society and the paleo in a box generally. Let me say why this is probably one of the most important entries of this blog.


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