Competition Spare Ribs

08 Nov

I bet youre expecting to see pictures of me and my husband on a beautiful Bahamian beach, right? Well, I don’t have any, and I suck at photohop so I can’t even fake any.  In case you have been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, there was a big hurricane that struck the east coast.  Yeah….so instead of fun in the sun,  it was more like no fun and no power.  What did I do instead?  Well, I got drunk, I mean really drunk as soon as I found out it was cancelled I was drinking straight rum until I throw up kind of drunk (Sorry about that Michelle!).  We did decide to put our travel money to good use and get another Rottweiler puppy though.   Here is little Sonya, the new baby.

Our other rottie is still a puppy too, he is just over a year old and nowhere near full grown, which we have to remind people of that whenever we go out in public because he gets jealous that she gets all the attention.

If you are a single guy living in the north VA area, she is also for rent for 100$ an hour.  The first day we took her for a walk in Alexandria 14 girls came up to pet her in the first 30 minutes.   If you really want to reel the ladies in, you should memorize the phrase, “she’s a rescue.”  She isn’t, but trust me, the ladies love it!

She is fearless!

Ok, on to the meat! We smoked our best-ever spare ribs last weekend, and I have been sitting on the recipe for days.   Why, you ask? Well my hubby was still on vacation and we were spending time together, duh!   The rub for these spare ribs was :

  • ¾ cup paprika
  • 2 tablespoons onion powder
  • 2 TB garlic powder….actually more because everyone loves garlic in BBQ
  • 2 TB course ground pepper
  • 2 TB kosher salt
  • 2 TB chili powder
  • 2 TB cayenne pepper

Mr. Primal Smoke with his new electric knife

We used spare ribs for this recipe, which are much larger than baby-back, but we still used the same basic method, laying the rib rack flat on the grates of the smoker.  We also sprayed the ribs every half hour to keep them moist and flavorful.  Spritz – 1 part apple cider, 1 part cider vinegar. Spray every half hour. Don’t leave the lid open gawking your ribs, you’ll let the heat out….even if they do look delicious.

There is also a picnic shoulder on there because we love pork!

We wanted the heat between 250-275F for this recipe, but it was really cold and windy out that day, so the smoker stayed on the low end at about 250F.  Don’t forget to add plenty of apple wood to get that nice pink smoke ring!  We added ours every 30-60 minutes as needed.

Cooking Time unwrapped – approximately 3.5 hours (until ribs reach 170) Then wrap your ribs in tin-foil and add a little bit of BBQ sauce, and throw them back on the smoker.

Cooking Time after they are wrapped – approximately 2-3 hours (until ribs reach about 190 and the meat is tender). If you lift the end of the ribs and they feel like they might break apart they are done).

If you are new to Primal Smoke, be sure to check out the basics here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and some info on lighting the smoker

Lastly, had to share halloween pics. We were Honey Boo Boo and Mama June!


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